Affiliate Partners

Join our group of affiliates providing our members and their families with goods and services to compliment their lifestyles and needs. We are looking for affiliate partners to provide our members with products and services that complement our programs and goals.

Product providers can be listed on our pages and in our store as a source for our members both locally and online. Prepackaged foods, supermarkets, health food stores, supplements, fit wear, clothing, health club, fitness equipment, exergaming, anti-aging products, personal, and grooming.

Service providers can be listed as our experts and provide services to members both online and locally. Our experts are listed by specialty and location; members can search for you both ways. Dieticians, personal fitness professionals, personal chefs, estheticians, counselors, psychologists, yoga instructors, family physicians and pediatricians, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

To join our team and expose your business to our members, their families and friends, contact us