Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

How do I get my plan?
All you need to do is answer the profile questions and submit. Your plan will be created for you, showing you a step by step guide to your success.

Is it easy to use?
Yes, your goals are set by you and can be changed at any time. You determine how you want to get from point A to point B.

Does it work?
Yes, just follow your plan and you will reach your goals.

Is it one size fits all?
No, unlike other plans where you are given a set program used on everyone, the plan you create will be uniquely yours.

Can I make changes to my plan if I want?
Yes, once you change your diet and activity choices, your plan will change accordingly.

Are there suggested steps?
Yes, you should consider using our proprietary "workbooks" to help you to create your plan.

Do I have to follow the workbook steps?
No, you can create your own personal schedule very easily.

How detailed is my plan?
The more information you complete, the better your plan will be.

Can I use my fitness tracker?
Yes, the program will soon be compatible with most fitness trackers. If you upload the information into your program, the information will integrate into your plan.

Can I add foods and fitness routines that I like?
Yes, you can add your own foods and routines into your individual plan.

Can I get help?
Our experts and affiliates will provide support to you if needed.

Can my trainer, nutritionist or doctor help?
Yes, your professional(s) may join as one of our Experts and help you if they wish. Also, they can log in and make selections for you.

Can my plan work with my gym equipment?
Yes, you can select your gym equipment which will be included in your activity plan.

Do I need a gym?
No, there are many fitness routines listed that will produce good results without joining a gym.

Can my entire family join?
Yes, our plans are family oriented. For example, you can print a family shopping list that will include everyone’s meal plan.

Can I show my friends what I am doing?
Yes, your plan will have links to social media. You can post your information and pictures to share information with your friends.

Can I tell you about some of my recipes or exercise routines?
Yes, please do! We will take your submissions and if chosen we will publish them and give you credit on the site.

Can I learn new health information?
Yes, as a subscriber, you will have access to many health related publications that you can read and videos that you view.

Do you have a newsletter?
Yes, we plan to create periodic newsletters updating the latest health information.

Can I tell you what is working for me?
Yes, we want you to let us know what is working for you and if you approve, we will share this important information so you can help others.